Red Wine Flavorful EasyDrinking Natural

A red wine with character. Notes of blackberry, violets and a hint of cracked black pepper. Bright cherry red in color and a mouthful round palate that unleashes complexity. Full-bodied to drink on any occasion.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Tasting Note

A red wine with character and notes of blackberry, violets and a hint of spices. Bright cherry red, round, complex and full-bodied.


Especially suitable for pairing with flavorful food, cheese and salty appetizers.

White Wine Aromatic Fresh Expressive

100% spanish chardonnay. As fragant and delicate as it gets.

White Wine

Tasting Note

A lively and fresh white wine with white flowers and herbal aromas. An inviting light gold rim with a medium body, mouth-watering mineral backbone for a full indulgence.


To be enjoyed “solo” or paired with cold cuts such as Spanish Ham as well as sushi, seafood or simply with your preferred snack.


Spanish Sangría EasyDrinking Vibrant Delicious

Our signature wine cocktail. Easy to drink at any occasion with lower alcohol (7%) it is the perfect option for a health-conscious consumer.  Our master blend contains naturally infused aromas of real fruit such as apples, peach and Valencia orange mixed with 100% Spanish red wine solely sourced from our wineries.


We only follow the traditional Sangria recipe used in Spain & Portugal and protected by the European Union.


Tasting Note

Easy to drink at any occasion, highly refreshing and slightly carbonated, vinous and a tad sweet. 


Enjoy it chilled with your favorite snack or appetizer.

Sparkling Rose Fruity EasyDrinking Slightly Sweet

Inspired by our ever-lasting Mediterranean summer, our team of winemakers have made this Tempranillo based wine cocktail with aromas of white peach and stone fruits. Another low alcoholic option (7,5%) with no added artificial sugars. Slightly carbonated, our rosé offers ultimate indulgence anytime anywhere…


Tasting Note

Salmon in color with discrete bubbles along with fresh and fragrant notes of white peach. On the palate is elegant yet a tad sweet it evokes our Spanish relaxed way of living.


Ideal as an aperitif, it also pairs well with grilled fish, roasted poultry with herbs and Mediterranean salads.